Plenary Sessions


Modern Monetary Theory’s Take on Fiscal Policy

Stephanie Kelton, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Stony Brook University Challenging established economic theories New ways of thinking about solutions to policy problems Modern Monetary Theory in European politics


The Journey from an Activist Investor to a Wanted Man in Russia

Bill Browder, CEO, Hermitage Capital; head, Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign; author of Red Notice Read More


The State of Europe

Yanis Varoufakis, Former Minister of Finance of Greece Paul Gordon, Team Leader, Western European Central Banks, Bloomberg News How are globalization, wealth inequality, and populism impacting Europe’s political and economic future? The most pressing economic risks for the Eurozone Alternatives to … Read More


Factfulness: Using Statistics and Facts to Challenge Misconceptions

Olof Granstrom, Political Scientist and Economist, Novus Facts vs. instincts Applying slow thinking to understand the world and to avoid being guided by fast thinking An assessment of global development and projections on where it’s heading