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Adapting to Disruptions in Asset Management

The asset management industry is “facing disruption from every point on the compass,” says Anne Richards of Aberdeen Asset Management. But there is an opportunity for the sector to mitigate these difficulties. Read More

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Video: Lord Adair Turner on the “Hangover of Debt” Weakening Global Economic Recovery

Lord Adair Turner discusses how recovering from the 2008 financial crisis has continued to challenge global economies. Read More

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ECB’s Yves Mersch: Newfound Calm in European Markets Reflects Credibility of Reform Effort

In the closing keynote address, Mersch sought to explain how recent policy initiatives have addressed problems brought about by the original design flaws of European monetary union (EMU). Read More

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Martin Wheatley: Regulation Is Not a Zero-Sum Game (Video)

Regulation, according to Martin Wheatley, chief executive at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), “is not a zero-sum game, like a tennis match or a football match, where either the regulator wins or the firm wins. If we get regulation right, we all win.” Read More

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Global Trade Imbalances Are a Major Source of Instability, Says Economist Roger Bootle

The managing director of Capital Economics says unbalanced trade flows contributed to excess leverage and created a liquidity glut that has constrained monetary policy. Read More

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