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Five Themes Shaping the Future for Financial Professionals

Virginie Maisonneuve, CFA, sees an explosive combination of forces at work on the investment industry, and has ideas for addressing them. Read More

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Cheap and Easy Money Poses Financial Stability Risks

Speaking at the European Investment Conference, Paul Mills of the International Monetary Fund said accommodative monetary policy has led to rising asset prices and tighter spreads across fixed income securities. Read More

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Video: Lord Adair Turner on the “Hangover of Debt” Weakening Global Economic Recovery

Lord Adair Turner discusses how recovering from the 2008 financial crisis has continued to challenge global economies. Read More

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ECB’s Yves Mersch: Newfound Calm in European Markets Reflects Credibility of Reform Effort

In the closing keynote address, Mersch sought to explain how recent policy initiatives have addressed problems brought about by the original design flaws of European monetary union (EMU). Read More

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John Rogers: We Need to Seek a Sustainable Place for the Future of Finance

The president and CEO of CFA Institute opened the Fifth Annual European Investment Conference by calling on investment professionals to think about a sustainable way forward and how to rebuild trust in the industry. Read More

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“We are Looking Straight into the Face of a Great Depression,” says Simon Johnson

The former IMF Chief Economist sees everywhere an unjustified deference towards the big banks and an aversion to doing anything that would be contrary to their interests. Read More

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