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Closing the Gender Gap Can “Grow the Cake for All”

Gender is just the low-hanging fruit in an approach that promises to benefit society at large, says Halla Tomasdottir, founder and CEO of Sisters Capital. Read More

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4 Lessons from Iceland for Surviving a Financial Crisis

Halla Tomasdottir cofounded Audur Capital in the year before Iceland’s massive financial crisis. She credits the survival of her firm to four key values. Read More

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Checking Assumptions and Challenging Mindsets: A Crucial Investment Strategy

If we truly aim to serve clients and our societies to the full, prudence guides us to check the assumptions and challenge the mindsets we instinctively rely on. Read More

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Yves Mersch: Europe’s Banking Union Can Tackle the “Doom Loop”

Yves Mersch, executive board member of the European Central Bank, says a banking union is central to a functional Eurozone — threats from southern European banks are unlikely. Read More

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Whither the Euro? Seeking Resolutions for the Eurozone

Unsurprisingly, a major theme of the Fifth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference was the prospect for the euro. While speakers put forward different arguments, ultimately it seems the resolution must come from choices made about the political economy. Read More

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Nkosana Moyo: The Perceived Risks of Africa Create Investment Opportunities

The founder and executive chairman of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) believes perceived risks of investing in Africa are higher than the actual risks and that attractive investment opportunities can arise from the ‘negatives’ associated with Africa. Read More

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Europe’s Economy and the Way Forward

Economist Anatole Kaletsky downplays the real economic importance of Europe to the global economy and believes there is a chance that Germany might even leave the eurozone to ensure the euro’s survival as a currency. Read More

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Petra Roberts on the Key Issues Facing Investment Professionals in Europe

In this interview preceding the fifth annual European Investment Conference, Petra Roberts, CFA, executive director, CFA Society Czech Republic discusses the key themes. Read More

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John Rogers: We Need to Seek a Sustainable Place for the Future of Finance

The president and CEO of CFA Institute opened the Fifth Annual European Investment Conference by calling on investment professionals to think about a sustainable way forward and how to rebuild trust in the industry. Read More

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Felix W. Zulauf and European Investment Opportunities

Felix W. Zulauf of Zulauf Asset Management has avoided some of the worst economic collapses of the past two years. At the Fifth Annual European Investment Conference, he will look at investment opportunities in Europe. Read More

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