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J.P. Morgan Strategist: World More Balanced Despite Policymaker Actions, Not Because of Them

The route to recovery in Europe is so long that there will be plenty of growth opportunities to be captured by investors along the way, says David Kelly, CFA. Read More

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“Heart Breaking” and the Future of the Eurozone: Kai A. Konrad on European Convergence

Kai A. Konrad’s work studying political economy and public economics has given him some unique insights into the ways that individuals and groups interact to achieve their desired objectives. Read More

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Whither the Euro? Seeking Resolutions for the Eurozone

Unsurprisingly, a major theme of the Fifth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference was the prospect for the euro. While speakers put forward different arguments, ultimately it seems the resolution must come from choices made about the political economy. Read More

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Felix Zulauf: Eurozone on Track to Be the Shortest Currency Union in History

Felix Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management AG, highlighted slowing growth in China and believes the eurozone is on track to be the shortest currency union in history. Read More

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Europe’s Economy and the Way Forward

Economist Anatole Kaletsky downplays the real economic importance of Europe to the global economy and believes there is a chance that Germany might even leave the eurozone to ensure the euro’s survival as a currency. Read More

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Felix W. Zulauf and European Investment Opportunities

Felix W. Zulauf of Zulauf Asset Management has avoided some of the worst economic collapses of the past two years. At the Fifth Annual European Investment Conference, he will look at investment opportunities in Europe. Read More

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No Country Would Benefit from Abandoning the Euro, Declares Christian de Boissieu

In the case of Greece, the French government advisor believes spreads would “rocket” and the country would be subject to a vicious cycle of devaluation and dramatic inflation. Read More

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