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J.P. Morgan Strategist: World More Balanced Despite Policymaker Actions, Not Because of Them

The route to recovery in Europe is so long that there will be plenty of growth opportunities to be captured by investors along the way, says David Kelly, CFA. Read More

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Don’t Sell Economic Stability to Buy Economic Growth, Warns Tomáš Sedláček

Tomáš Sedláček, chief macroeconomic strategist at CSOB Bank, believes that our problem is not lack of growth but too much of it. He stated, “It is like owning a car that explodes when it stops.” Read More

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Robert Merton: A New Approach for Macrofinancial Risks

Nobel laureate Robert C. Merton challenged traditional models used by investors to measure sovereign and financial system credit risk and instead proposes an alternative framework. Read More

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European Sovereign Debt Crisis: Overview, Analysis, and Timeline of Major Events

Jason Voss, CFA, content director at CFA Institute, recently updated his overview and analysis of the European sovereign debt crisis which includes a comprehensive timeline of key events. Read More

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Tomáš Sedláček on Using Economics to Minimize Debt

Economist and author Tomáš Sedláček, who will be speaking at the Fifth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference, feels that the goal of economic policy should be to minimize debt. Read More

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