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Changes on the Horizon for Equity Investing

Omar Selim uses self-learning quant models and big data to perform ESG analysis, and he explained to other investment professionals why they would soon need to do the same. Read More

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Raised Expectations, Lowered Rates of Return

Antti Ilmanen, a principal at AQR Capital Management, says everything is expensive because interest rates are at all-time lows. Read More

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Gleanings from Brexit: Recommended Links

A deeper understanding of the tensions that have driven ongoing clashes will be essential for investment professionals looking to adapt their approach to the global economy. Read More

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The State of Europe: Current Challenges, Future Potential

European authorities underestimated the effects of the financial crisis on banks, resulting in a “lost half decade,” says Lorenzo Bini Smaghi. But there is room for the eurozone to regain competitiveness. Read More

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What Is Next for Bond Yields?

Steven Major, CFA, global head of fixed-income research at HSBC, explained that a year ago his team was criticised for predicting long term government yields 1% lower than market consensus. He wished he had been wrong, but today, the term premium on long-end US bonds is negative. Read More

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Lord Adair Turner: Solutions to the Real Estate Price Boom and Post-Crisis Recession

In his opening keynote address at the 2014 European Investment Conference, Lord Adair Turner, senior fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, spoke about the shortcomings of “too big to fail” and inflation targeting. Read More

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Hideous Opportunity Sets and Foie Gras Markets: Observations from James Montier

James Montier combines vivid imagery with blunt commentary on investor behavior, and the markets have given him a lot to talk about. Read More

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Video: Philippa Malmgren on Mispriced Risks and Military Near Misses

Philippa Malmgren of DRPM Group says the far-reaching effects of central bank actions are influencing geopolitical conflicts. Read More

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