Monday 16 November 2020


Conference Open


Responsible Investing: The ESG-Efficient Frontier

  • The cost and benefits of responsible investing  
  • Applying an ESG-adjusted capital asset pricing model to show when ESG increases or lowers returns 
  • How is the growing adoption of ESG impacting asset prices and the world?  
  • Surprising effects of ESG screens 


Transition Break


The Purpose of Equity Markets in the Covid Pandemic

  • Causes and consequences of the long-term decline in appetite for a stock market listing
  • Soaring secondary issuance in 2020
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of secondary equity issuance by public companies


The Changing Nature of ESG in Private Equity

  • Can private equity firms meet the responsible investing expectations of their investors?
  • Best-in-class ESG approaches
  • Gaps in the market



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Antipoverty Measures That Work

  • The flaws of mainstream economics  
  • What can randomized controlled trials tell us about effective ways to fight poverty?  
  • Opportunities for poverty alleviation in the current economic crisis 

Tuesday 17 November 2020


Conference Open


The Path Forward for the European Economy

  • Outlook for the European economy 
  • A closer look at the ECB’s policy and goals 
  • Limits of monetary policy and the need for fiscal policy 


Transition Break


Applying Mathematics to Solve Gender Bias

  • Why “leaning in” and emulating traditionally male behaviors can be counterproductive
  • The importance of defining success
  • A few simple ways to create more inclusive environments
  • The opportunities for change in the current pandemic


Geopolitics for Investors: The Impact of the US Election on the Next Decade

  • Are US elections a catalyst for alpha?
  • The Rabid Decade, why 2020s will be a decade of volatility
  • Secular investment themes for the new decade



Please, make the time to visit our exhibitors and join the networking chat rooms.  


The Shortcomings of Logic

  • When is rational thinking ineffective or dangerous? 
  • How to generate creative solutions?  
  • Examples of practical applications for “irrational” ideas