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Monday, 26 November 2018


Chair’s Opening Comments

Rosanna Lockwood
Broadcast Journalist and Presenter


Welcome Remarks

CFA Society France Representative


Session I


Session II: Asset Owners in the Changing Investment Landscape

  • The benefits and drawbacks of insourcing asset management
  • What kind of impact are new regulations, such as Mifid II, having on asset owners?
  • How are asset owners incorporating sustainable investment strategies in their portfolios?


Majdi Chammas, Head of External Asset Management, Första AP-fonden, First Swedish National Pension Fund (AP1)

Kati Eriksson, CFA, Head of Investments, Aalto University Endowment

Hamza Khushaim, CFA, CIO, International Investments, Hassana Investment Company


Coffee Break


Session IV: Building a Level Playing Field

  • Comparing regulatory environments in Europe
  • How can regulators cooperate better on a global scale?
  • Exploring links between coordinated regulation and global market stability
  • The impact of regtech on regulation

Moderator: Josina Kamerling, Head of Regulatory Outreach, EMEA, CFA Institute




Stream 1: Sustainable Investing

Sean Kidney
Climate Bonds Initiative


Stream 2: Applications for Machine Learning in the Design of Financial Products

The participants in this workshop will learn some best practices for incorporating AI/ML and building teams that wield these tools to succeed in the development of innovative financial products.

  • When should AI/ML be deployed in financial services?
  • How should data science teams be managed to maximize effectiveness?
  • How should quant teams partner with IT to deliver investor-focused products?

Lee Davidson, CFA, Head of Quantitative Research, Morningstar


Stream 3: Personal Development

Mariano Sigman, Neuroscientist, Author, Professor, Business School of Universidad di Tella


Transition Break


Session V: Preparing Asset Management for the Future

  • Adjusting to robo-advisors
  • The shift from active to passive management
  • Rising interest rates, volatility, and their effects on investment strategies
  • The future transformation of asset management jobs


Pascal Blanqué, Group Chief Investment Officer, Amundi

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, CEO, Candriam Investors Group, Chairman, New York Life Investment Management International

Louis Vincent Gave, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Gavekal



Session VI: The Value of Everything

  • Distinguishing between value creation and value extraction
  • Where does true value come from?
  • Why is money a poor indicator of value?
  • How to create an economic and social order that promotes value creation?

Mariana Mazzucato, Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value, Director, The Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, University College London

Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Chair’s Opening Comments

Rosanna Lockwood
Broadcast Journalist and Presenter


Session VII: The Prize — and the Price — of Whistleblowing

  • What does it take to become a whistleblower?
  • How can legislation help protect employees who report wrongdoing?
  • How does whistleblowing affect career opportunities and personal lives?

Moderator: Josina Kamerling, Head of Regulatory Outreach, EMEA, CFA Institute

Speaker: Stephanie Gibaud, Author and UBS Whistleblower


Transition Break


Stream 1: You vs. a Pension Fund: Compare Your ESG Solutions

The participants in this workshop will create a plan for incorporating ESG considerations into the investment process of a pension fund and compare it to the real-life approach the company took. You will learn:

  • which steps to consider before and during the integration of ESG factors into an existing investment process,
  • pitfalls to avoid,
  • hurdles to overcome in an organization

Joachim Klement, CFA,Head of Investment Research, Fidante Partners


Stream 3: A Different Kind of Stress Test

The participants in this workshop will learn how to identify signs of compromised performance in financial decision-making. You will also learn:

  • How to manipulate uncertainty tolerance.
  • How mindset shapes investment strategy.
  • Key strategies for avoiding burnout.

Mithu Storoni, Physician, Stress Management Consultant and Author of Stress-Proof


Session VIII: Globalization in an Increasingly Fractured World

  • Free trade, financial infrastructure, and the consequences of wealth inequality
  • Exploring drivers of populism
  • Is the global economic system broken?


Lajos Bokros, Former Minister of Finance of Hungary, former Managing Director of the National Bank of Hungary

Mark Malloch‐Brown, Senior Advisor, Eurasia Group, Former Deputy Secretary-General and Chief of Staff, UN

Marko Papic, Chief Geopolitical Strategist & Senior Vice President, BCA Research


Closing Remarks