Tuesday, 27 November 2018


Registration and Breakfast

Room: Lobby Mac-Mahon/Neuilly


Chair’s Opening Comments

Room: Mac-Mahon

Conference Chair: Rosanna Lockwood, Broadcast Journalist and Presenter


Session VII: The Prize—and the Price—of Whistleblowing

Room: Mac-Mahon
  • What does it take to become a whistleblower?
  • How can companies help protect employees who report wrongdoing?
  • How does whistleblowing affect career opportunities and personal lives?

Moderator: Josina Kamerling, Head of Regulatory Outreach, EMEA, CFA Institute

Stephanie Gibaud, Author and UBS Whistleblower
Peter Massey-Cook, Head of Ethics, EMEA, State Street


Transition Break

Workshop Streams

These sessions will run concurrently on Tuesday from 09:55 to 10:45 and will repeat from 11:15 to 12:05.


Stream 1: You vs. a Pension Fund: Compare Your ESG Solutions

Room: Wagram 1

In this workshop, the participants will create a plan for incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process of a pension fund and compare it with the real-life approach the company took. The participants will learn

  • which steps to consider before and during the integration of ESG factors into an existing investment process,
  • pitfalls to avoid, and
  • hurdles to overcome in an organization.

Speaker: Joachim Klement, CFA, Head of Investment Research, Fidante Partners


Stream 2: Data from AI to Z

Room: Mac-Mahon

This workshop will give background on the technological advances that led to currently available artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies, and it will demonstrate AI solutions used in the financial industry. The participants will learn about

  • the technical breakthroughs that are changing the world of finance and beyond,
  • what artificial intelligence can and cannot do when it comes to data processing, and
  • how machines are changing the jobs of human analysts.

Speaker: Fabian Astic, Managing Director, Analytic and Technology Solutions, Moody’s Investors Service


Stream 3: A Different Kind of Stress Test

Room: Wagram 2

The workshop will teach how to identify signs of compromised performance in financial decision making. The participants will learn

  • how to manipulate uncertainty tolerance,
  • how mindset shapes investment strategy, and
  • key strategies for avoiding burnout.

Speaker: Mithu Storoni, Physician, Stress Management Consultant, and Author of Stress-Proof


Transition Break


Session VIII: Globalization in an Increasingly Fractured World

Room: Mac-Mahon
  • Free trade, financial infrastructure, and the consequences of wealth inequality
  • Exploring drivers of populism
  • Is the global economic system broken?

Moderator: Lauren Foster, Content Director, Americas, CFA Institute

Lajos Bokros, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Central European University; Former Minister of Finance of Hungary; Former Managing Director of the National Bank of Hungary

Mark Malloch‐Brown, Senior Advisor, Eurasia Group; Former Deputy Secretary-General and Chief of Staff, UN

Marko Papic, Chief Geopolitical Strategist and Senior Vice President, BCA Research


Closing Remarks

Room: Mac-Mahon

Speaker: Gary Baker, CFA, Managing Director, EMEA, CFA Institute



Room: Lobby Mac-Mahon/Neuilly