Monday 16 November 2020


Conference Open

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Is There a Replication Crisis in Finance?

  • Evidence for and against the replication crisis 
  • How do investment factors hold up against replication tests? 
  • Practical tips for understanding whether a factor works 


Transition Break


Re-Evaluating the Purpose of Equity Markets in the COVID Pandemic

  • Causes and consequences of the long-term decline in appetite for a stock market listing
  • Soaring secondary issuance in 2020
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of secondary equity issuance by public companies


The Changing Role of ESG in Private Equity

  • Can private equity firms meet the responsible investing expectations of their investors?
  • Best-in-class ESG approaches
  • Gaps in the market


Networking Break

Please, make time to visit our exhibitors and visit the Networking Lounge to join these chat rooms: 

  1. Delegate Chat
  2. Meet the Speaker: Duncan Lamont
  3. Meet the Speaker: Claudia Zeisberger
  4. We Need to talk about Ethics
  5. Advocacy in COVID Times


Economics for a Better World

  • Looking at current crises, such as climate change and the pandemic, through the lens of economics
  • Why is there so much distrust of economics?
  • Can modern economics provide applicable solutions to current problems?