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Rhodri Preece is Head of Industry Research for CFA Institute. He is responsible for building and maintaining the global thought leadership function at CFA Institute, including leading the planning, coordination, and creation of research content across CFA Institute research platforms, including the Financial Analysts Journal, the CFA Institute Research Foundation, and the Future of Finance initiative. Rhodri formerly served as head of capital markets policy EMEA at CFA Institute, where he was responsible for leading capital markets policy activities in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region, including content development and policy engagement.

The State of Europe: Current Challenges, Future Potential

European authorities underestimated the effects of the financial crisis on banks, resulting in a “lost half decade,” says Lorenzo Bini Smaghi. But there is room for the eurozone to regain competitiveness. Read More

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What’s Next for China and India?

In a panel discussion at the European Investment Conference, Russell Napier, an independent strategist and co-founder of ERIC, contended that investors should be more optimistic about India than China. Read More

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ECB’s Yves Mersch: Newfound Calm in European Markets Reflects Credibility of Reform Effort

In the closing keynote address, Mersch sought to explain how recent policy initiatives have addressed problems brought about by the original design flaws of European monetary union (EMU). Read More

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Shining a Light on Europe’s “Dark Pools”

A trio of trading experts discuss structural changes in European equity markets and the impact of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which was amended two weeks ago after a year-long review process. Read More

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