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Adapting to Disruptions in Asset Management

The asset management industry is “facing disruption from every point on the compass,” says Anne Richards of Aberdeen Asset Management. But there is an opportunity for the sector to mitigate these difficulties. Read More

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The State of Europe: Current Challenges, Future Potential

European authorities underestimated the effects of the financial crisis on banks, resulting in a “lost half decade,” says Lorenzo Bini Smaghi. But there is room for the eurozone to regain competitiveness. Read More

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Is Iran the Next Frontier in Investing?

Iran is on its way to coming investable in the very near future — and much sooner than many would expect, says Charles Robertson. Read More

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Getting Forecasts Right Requires Admitting You’re Wrong

Being a good forecaster isn’t just about getting things right. It requires the ability to admit when you’ve gotten things wrong. Read More

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Closing the Gender Gap Can “Grow the Cake for All”

Gender is just the low-hanging fruit in an approach that promises to benefit society at large, says Halla Tomasdottir, founder and CEO of Sisters Capital. Read More

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A Brexit Is a Lose–Lose Proposition

If the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union (EU), everyone stands to suffer. Read More

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Social Media at the 2015 European Investment Conference

Follow CFA Institute on your preferred social media platforms, subscribe to the European Investment Conference blog to receive event updates as they are published, and share insights from conference the with your professional network. Read More

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Overcoming the Economic God Complex

How can economic forecasters improve when they have little incentive to do any better? Behavioral economist Tim Harford thinks financial professionals need help overcoming a God complex. Read More

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