2017 Presentations

Delegates from the European Investment Conference are welcome to access presentations from speakers who granted permission for online distribution. Presentations are available online through the presentations tab on the conference website. Access is limited to registered conference delegates only.
If you do not have a CFA Institute user name and password, you may create an account using the e-mail address you provided when you registered for the conference. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Materials that are currently available:

  • Brigitte Baumann: Wealth on Wings: The Growth of Angel Investing
  • Aswath Damodaran: Final Keynote: Disaggregated Valuation – Valuing a Business as the Sum of its Units
  • Harald Edele, CFA: CFA Society Germany’s New Study: Germany’s Attractiveness as a Financial Center – An Opportunity for Growth?
  • Jochen Felsenheimer: Devil in Disguise: High Yield and Distressed Strategies
  • Foad Forghani: Opening Keynote: Managing Successful Negotiations in Complex Scenarios
  • Michael Fraikin: A Practitioner’s Perspective on Factor Investing
  • George Friedman: Geopolitical Trends Investors in Europe Need to Watch
  • Richard F. Hokenson: Economic and Investment Implications of Global Demographics
  • Klemens Höppner, CFA: (Self-)Leadership in the Brave New VUCA World
  • Hendrik Leber: Artificial Intelligence: There’s a New World Coming
  • Karolien Notebaert: How Unconscious Bias in Our Brain Counteracts Diversity
  • Florian Schuhbauer: Principles of Activist Investment

Additional Resources:

Please Note: Delegates are encouraged to share their insights and experiences at CFA Institute events on social media and blogs and may link to content on the CFA Institute website, unless otherwise noted (framing is not permitted). Delegates may not distribute, display, or post online any recordings, transcriptions, and/or copies of sessions at CFA Institute events without the express written permission of CFA Institute.

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