Video: Will Goodhart on the Issues Facing European Investment Professionals


In an interview at the kickoff of the 2014 CFA Institute European Investment Conference in London, Will Goodhart, chief executive of CFA Society United Kingdom, discusses the conference themes, selected speakers, and the issues facing investment professionals in the region.

Goodhart points out that the conference will help to provide answers on where the key risks and returns might be in European markets. Conference speakers will explore geopolitics, regulation, and systemic risk, and the impact these issues may have on markets and market participant behavior in the coming year, he says. Goodhart is looking forward to hearing from the speakers, including Robert W. Jenkins, FSIP, Lord Adair Turner, and Elroy Dimson, among others. He believes investment professionals in the region face many issues that the conference will highlight and offer insight on, including secular stagnation, what is next for bond yields, and the impact of currency on portfolio returns.


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