Mapping the Exchange-Traded Landscape with Deborah Fuhr

Deborah Fuhr, co-founder of ETFGI

Exchange-traded products have seen their share of successes and failures in 2013: Although September ended with a record amount of assets invested in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes, an increasing number of firms closed their exchange-traded products in the first half of the year after their offerings struggled to accumulate enough assets under management to cover operating costs. Deborah Fuhr, co-founder of ETFGI, has been tracking these shifts in the exchange-traded landscape as part of her firm’s monthly reports on the industry. 

In a profile at, Fuhr was described as “one of the world’s leading ETF analysts,” and author Joseph Giannone suggested that ETFGI could become “a Morningstar for the ETF world.” Fuhr herself thinks that the exchange-traded industry is still in its early stages, which provides an opportunity for her firm to establish itself as a provider of reliable information.

Growth in the use of exchange-traded products may be a recent phenomenon, but it has also been a rapid one. Interest in these investments has been steadily gaining popularity with institutional investors. According to ETFGI research, the compound annual growth rate of institutional investors reporting investments in exchange-traded products has been 6.9% over the past five years through 2012.

At the Sixth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference, to be held in London on 14–15 November, Fuhr will discuss investing in Europe and beyond using ETFs. You can register to attend the conference to hear Fuhr’s insights and follow this blog for additional news and updates about the event.

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