Felix W. Zulauf and European Investment Opportunities

Felix W. Zulauf, President of Zulauf Asset Management

As European economies continue to struggle through the global financial crisis, investors are left without any clear source of investment returns. At the Fifth Annual European Investment Conference this week, veteran investor Felix W. Zulauf, president of Zulauf Asset Management, will offer some guidance in his session, “The Forces Reshaping Europe and the World, and Opportunities for Investors.” Based on Zulauf’s record of success with past predictions, his presentation should offer some valuable insights.

Zulauf has been investing professionally for more than four decades, and he has said that his best calls have been market peaks and their subsequent declines. This claim was supported by his presentation at the 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference — he predicted that the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index could drop by as much as 20%, and it ended up losing 16% by August, experiencing its biggest drop in almost three years.

Zulauf’s past assessment of the eurozone economies has also been supported by recent events. In a follow-up interview with Ron Rimkus, CFA, earlier this year, Zulauf said that Spanish banks will have to be nationalized. In May, Spanish banking group Bankia requested a government bailout, and a second recapitalization request from Bankia is expected to occur later this year.

In addition to identifying potential losses, Zulauf has made recommendations to generate investment returns. In a Take 15 interview with Usman Hayat, CFA, Zulauf said that he considered gold to be a sound investment, noting that “currencies have come and gone, and gold has survived.” You can learn more about Felix Zulauf’s investing strategy by watching the video.

At the Fifth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Prague, Zulauf will consider the economic forces at work on the economies of Europe and examine the investment opportunities in today’s world. You can register to attend the conference and hear Zulauf in person, and follow this blog for news and updates from the conference.

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