Anatole Kaletsky Discusses the Economic Crisis in Europe

Economist Anatole Kaletsky, Reuters columnist and chairman of the governing board at the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Economist and journalist Anatole Kaletsky has strong words for what he sees as political inaction in the face of the world’s economic crisis. “In much of the world today the economic situation is verging on catastrophic,” he writes in his latest column  for Reuters,  “but ‘not serious’ seems a perfect description of the political response.” Kaletsky is especially critical of what he sees as inaction in Europe, compared to the “self-stabilizing feedback” at work in the United States.

Kaletsky, who is author of the book Capitalism 4.0, has been called “the Stephen Hawking of Economics” and received the Wincott Award for economic journalism from the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is also chairman of the governing board at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and participated in a panel discussion on the World Debt Crisis with John Mauldin, Barry Ritholtz, and David Rosenberg at the 65th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Chicago.

The European debt crisis has provided Kaletsky with a wealth of material for his Reuters columns, and his weekly commentary has focused on the tensions at work in the euro zone as member countries grapple with their economic problems.

At the Fifth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Prague, Kaletsky will discuss Europe’s economy and the way forward. You can register to attend the conference and follow this blog for more speaker updates as the event draws closer.

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