Is There Life After Debt?


Kevin Gardiner is managing director of research, economics, and strategy at Barclays Wealth and has recently been in the news discussing the need for investors to reduce their exposure to government bonds. At the Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Paris, he’ll be asking “Is There Life After Debt?” in a session covering asset allocation for private client portfolios.

Mr. Gardiner gained notoriety from being the first to use the phrase “Celtic Tiger” to describe the Irish economy. In a Morgan Stanley newsletter in 1994,  he used the term to draw comparisons between Ireland’s sudden economic surge and the “tiger” economies of Asia. The image resonated throughout the financial world and even made it into T.P. Dolan’s book, A Dictionary of Hiberno-English, published a decade later.

In this interview on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse,” Mr. Gardiner speaks with host Francine Lacqua about the current volatility in the markets and his recommended allocations for cash, bonds, and equities:

Register now to attend Mr. Gardiner’s presentation and learn more about managing private client portfolios at the Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Paris.

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