Speaker Confirmed: Nader Mousavizadeh


Nader Mousavizadeh is CEO of Oxford Analytica, a global analysis and strategic advisory firm, and a consulting senior fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies. During his career, he has cultivated a global perspective and served at the United Nations as special assistant to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. At the Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference, he will be discussing geopolitical risks and investment opportunities.

Mr. Mousavizadeh has published his work in a number of media outlets. His latest column for Reuters, “A smaller America could be a stronger America,” has gained attention for its calls to end “the American Empire,” even as an answering Reuters blog post by Michael Ignatieff questioned how its ideas could be implemented.

Mr. Mousavizadeh’s presentation at the conference in Paris will examine how the fragmentation of power, capital, and ideas is changing global politics and economics, and he will discuss what kind of macro diligence that will be needed by investors looking to adjust to redefined national interests and a more diverse global economy.

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