Speaker Confirmed: Wolfgang Münchau


Wolfgang Münchau is associate editor and European economic columnist for the Financial Times, and he has recently made headlines for being one of the most vocal critics of the steps taken by the European Council to address the eurozone debt crisis. At the Fourth Annual CFA Institute European Investment Conference in Paris, he’ll discuss “Crisis and Consequence: The Way Forward for the Eurozone.”

Mr. Münchau also runs Eurointelligence.com, an independent, internet-based service for economic commentary and analysis of the euro area that features his own work alongside contributions from other noted economists, including Nouriel Roubini.

In his most recent update at Eurointelligence, posted in advance of the latest European Council summit, Mr. Münchau laid out what he considered to be “the minimum needed to avoid the risk of meltdown,” comprising steps to reduce Greek debt, increase flexibility of the European finance stability facility, and to extend the rescue umbrella across a broader portion of the eurozone.

After the summit, his Financial Times column (registration required) noted that while the council had “succeeded in staving off an imminent collapse of the eurozone,” the European debt crisis remains an ongoing concern.

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