CFA Institute European Investment Conference. Adapting Approaches: New Models, New Mindsets, New Markets. 7-8 November 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

European Investment Conference

7-8 November 2016
Hotel Okura
Amsterdam, United Kingdom

Attracting delegates from more than 50 countries and regions,* the CFA Institute European Investment Conference is the annual must-attend gathering for Europe’s leading portfolio managers, analysts, chief investment officers, and CEOs.

With a world-class lineup of speakers and sessions designed and delivered by active practitioners, this unique conference offers supporting organisations extensive pre-event exposure and high-quality interaction with key industry personnel onsite.

Topics covered will include

  • Europe’s regulatory landscape: Navigating complex terrain
  • Fintech: Implications for the investment profession
  • Diversity: An economic case and moral imperative
  • Investing in megatrends
  • Innovations in asset allocation
  • Generating returns in a low-interest-rate world
  • The rise of robo-advisers

Hosted by CFA Society Netherlands, this focused, interactive conference provides a truly unique opportunity to engage with Europe’s leading investment professionals.

*Number of individual countries represented by EIC delegates, 2010–2015.



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