CFA Institute European Investment Conference. 25-26 November 2019, Madrid, Spain.

CFA Institute European Investment Conference

Attracting delegates from more than 50 countries and regions,* the CFA Institute European Investment Conference is the annual must-attend gathering for portfolio managers, analysts, chief investment officers, and chief executive officers. The event provides a platform to network with peers and to analyse most pressing issues affecting financial markets, including geopolitical trends, emerging niche investment products and technology’s impact on asset management.

Hosted by CFA Society Spain, this interactive conference provides a unique opportunity to engage with Europe’s leading investment professionals.

*Number of individual countries represented by EIC delegates, 2010–2018.




Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis

served as Minister of Finance of Greece in 2015, and in 2016 he co-founded DiEM25 (a pan-European movement for the democratisation of Europe) … Read More

Bill Browder

Bill Browder

is founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management. He was the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005, when he was denied entry to the country for exposing corruption in Russian state-owned companies… Read More

Stephanie Kelton

Stephanie Kelton

is professor of economics and public policy at Stony Brook University. She is a leading authority on “modern monetary theory,” a new approach to economics … Read More

Bernardo Hernandez

Bernardo Hernandez

is a venture partner at the German venture capital fund and CEO and president of Verse, Inc. He is a technology investor and entrepreneur. … Read More

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